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Institute Mihailo Pupin
Institute Mihailo Pupin is the leading Serbian R&D institution in the field of Information & Communication Techologies.

Automation & Control Systems Ltd
The Automation & Control Systems Ltd is the core division of the Institute Mihailo Pupin, and the owner of the VIEW4 application.

The long list of the Institute's references and customers is the best proof of its high professional and techological achievments.

ATLAS Systems
The other related IMP project: ATLAS Systems (ATLAS-MAX & pikoATLAS) provides the underlying RTU and PLC infrastructure needed for VIEW4 control implementation

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VIEW4 Web Support

VIEW4 NetVIEW provides full WEB interface toward VIEW4 SCADA system.  It is realized as an optional VIEW4 Module named view4net. The module also provides a backward compatibility with earlier VIEW SCADA versions and releases, although certain advanced features might be then useless.  All available security steps are fully implemented: SSL encryption, user authentication, IP monitoring, cookies, tokens, etc.  On the client side, NetVIEW is compatible with all kinds of browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and others.

Netview Data Presentation

NetVIEW features:

  • Global data presentations
  • Detailed dynamic data presentations
  • Full access to archived data
  • Events reviewing
  • Chronological data reviewing
  • WEB IPS reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Warning and alerting
  • Archive trends reviewing
  • Configuration overviews
  • Network status reporting
  • Others on demand